Archive for Press Releases from Superior Copper Alliance

What is the Superior Copper Alliance

Subject: Citizen and business community group formed to support local economic development efforts and hold local elected officials accountable to the public in Superior.

 Superior-  Following the actions taken by the Superior Town Council over the past month, a group of concerned and outraged business owners and residents gathered to create the Superior Copper Alliance.  The Alliance is a grass roots organization that has organized to support local economic and community development efforts and hold local elected officials accountable.  The Superior Copper Alliance is chaired by Bill Vogler and the treasurer is Aja DeZeeuw.

Following the recent reversal of the Superior Town Council’s support for the Resolution Copper project on March 13th and the overall lack of transparency and disrespect to the residents and business community the group rallied to ensure the voices of Superior residents were heard.  The Superior Copper Alliance was instrumental in informing the community to send letters and make phone calls of support to Representatives Gosar and Kirkpatrick and also helped to gather over 400 signatures on a petitions which stated support for the mine project and spoke against the actions of the town council.

The Alliance has also taken out recall petitions against Councilmember Soyla “Kiki” Peralta on the grounds of maleficence and multiple violations of the open meeting law.  As of Thursday evening the group had collected over 120 signatures to recall Peralta.  Only 120 signatures are needed, however we intend to collect additional signatures to ensure the recall is valid.  Last week 208 signatures were turned into the Town Clerk for the Town of Superior.  If the signatures are deemed valid and the election is called voters will head to the polls in August or September.